Following you will find links to short videos answering some of the most commonly asked real estate questions, plus observations and trends. Created and narrated by Jeff Joyer, The Family Realtor since 1977.


The Art of Real Estate (Pricing)

Long Term Pricing Trends

How long until conditions like 2005? Seminar clip 3/2012

How's the Market?

Economics and Forecasts 2017

Seasonal Pricing Variations 2013-2016

Catch the Wave 2013 - 2016 Market Activity

Real Estate Market 5/2015

How's the Real Estate Market? Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand Seminar clip 3/2012

5 Year Real Estate Trends 2009 -- 2013

Trends: Number of Houses for Sale 2005 - 2014

Perspective. Is now a good time to buy?

20 Year Prediction comes true. Seminar clip 3/2012

Household Formations will help in the Future. Seminar clip 3/2012

Interest Rates

Interest Rates over past 40 years

What you need to know about Interest Rates

Lock in Today's Rates -- Reduce your risk. Seminar clip 3/2012 

Impact of Changing Rates on Buying Power

Impact of Rising Interest Rates Seminar clip 3/2012 

1% Increase equals 10% Reduction. 

What are Interest Rates going to do next?

Why Interest Rates are more likely to go up than down. Seminar 3/2012

When is the best Time to sell?

Timing the Real Estate Market

Boomers vs the next Generation

Advice to Baby Boomers

Recovery Discovery 2008- 2010 Seminar clip 3/2012

Property Taxes

Why don't Property Tax Values match the market?

Home Improvement

Your Home is foremost a place to Live. Seminar clip.

Solving Problems with Family Financing

Family Financing for Negative Equity - Seminar clip 3/2012

Family Financing Part Two Seminar Clip 3/2012

Our Business Philosophy 

Approach to Solving Problems

After so many years ... why be just an agent? 

My Secret to Success in 11 Seconds.

For Agents ...

Working with the First Offer. Seminar clip 3/2012 

Recovery Prediction: Fewer agents, more transactions per Agent

Helping Clients make good long term decisions. 3/2012

Economic History Lesson

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